Industrial scours & sponges have heavy-duty abrasive pads ideal for cleaning workshop and automotive areas, as well as barbecues, ovens, pots, and pans. Not for use on glassware, plastics, porcelain, coated or painted surfaces, and polished or brushed finishes. Bulk packaging makes it ideal for commercial and industrial cleaning. Save money on high-quality items with low cost.

Industrial Sponges

Jumbo Cellulose Sponge

SKU/Item #: 2501P

Heavy Duty Cellulose Scour Sponges

SKU/Item #: 25106P
Case: 50

Heavy Duty Foam Scour Sponges

SKU/Item #: 25104B
Case: 50

Heavy Duty Contoured Scour Sponge

SKU/Item #: 25107B
Case: 25

Industrial Scours

Large Heavy Duty Scour Pads

SKU/Item #: 25000P(MP 10×10)
SKU/Item Number: 25000B (MP 100)
Case: 100

Large Light Duty Scour Pads

SKU/Item Number: 25001P(MP 10×10)
SKU/Item Number: 25001B(MP 100)
Case: 100

Stainless Steel Scour

SKU/Item Number: 25111PP (MP12x12)
Case: 144

Industrial Wipes

Microfiber Cloths

SKU/Item #: 25112P-BLUE
Case: 24

SKU/Item #: 25112P-PINK
Case: 12

SKU/Item #: 25112P-GREEN
Case: 12

Bale of Rags - 25lb

SKU/Item #: 35121
UPC: 066522 351211
Case: 1

Other Industrial Products

Vinyl Disposable Gloves

SKU/Item #: 
VITMED-001 (Small)
VITMED-002 (Med)
VITMED-003 (Large)
VITMED-004 (X-Large)

Nitrile Disposable Gloves

SKU/Item #: 
NITMED-001 (Small)
NITMED-002 (Med)
NITMED-003 (Large)
NITMED-004 (X-Large)

Spray Bottle

SKU/Item #: 32010
Case: 12
UPC: 066522 320101

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