Our long lasting scours are Ideal for barbecues, ovens, pots and pans as they won't rust or splinter. Not for use on glassware, plastics, porcelain, coated or painted surfaces, and polished or brushed finishes.

Scour Pads

Metal Scours

Specialty Scours

Scour Pads

Heavy Duty Scour Pads

SKU/Item #: N1027
Case: 48
UPC: 066522 010279

Light Duty Scour Pads

SKU/Item #: N1023
Case: 48
UPC: 066522 010231

Sparkle Scour Pads

SKU/Item #: 1069
Case: 48
UPC: 066522 010699

Delicate Scour Pads

SKU/Item #: N1026
Case: 48
UPC: 066522 010675

Metal Scours

Stainless Steel and Brass Scours

SKU/Item #: 148
Case: 48
UPC: 066522 0011481

Pure Copper Scours

SKU/Item #: N1031
Case: 48
UPC: 066522 0103016

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